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Sponsored by: Streamed live on June 25, 2014 Tonight on the Geocaching Podcast… Heading down memory lane and going over geocaching tech that we started out with way back when. How things have changed with geocaching tech in comparison with today. So grab your diskettes and PDA’s and join us! We meet up at … Continue reading Episode 357 – Geocaching of Technologies Past
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Sponsored by: Streamed live on June 18, 2014 Tonight the gang at The Geocaching Podcast take the lead from host Scott Berks as they voice out some geocaching rants. Scott was recently a guest on the Oh Beep Podcast which brought on tonight’s theme.. We meet up on Wednesdays at 9:30PM ET at … Continue reading Episode 356 – Geocaching Rants
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Sponsored by: Streamed live on June 11, 2014 Tonight on the Geocaching Podcast. The gang kind of take a devil’s advocate approach to geocaching hides. In other words they discuss all the different types of geocaches they would LIKE to legally hide but for one reason or another cannot at this point in time. … Continue reading Episode 355 – Geocaches We Wish We Could Hide
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Sponsored by: Streamed live on Jun 4, 2014 Tonight on the Geocaching Podcast. HeadHardHat and the gang go over different geocaching applications available to new geocachers. There have been rumblings about the Geocaching Intro App, did the GCPC find out something you should know about? Tune in at 9:30PM ET on Wednesdays at … Continue reading Episode 354 – Geocaching Apps for Beginners
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