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In tonight’s episode: Let's have some fun and talk about something happy! Let's talk about everyone favorite caching experiences. We've all had them. Give us a call and we can talk about them. Let's hear from some first time callers! Call us, people! It's fun!

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In tonight’s episode: We have our March Cacher Coffee show! We discuss many topics tonight and take some phone calls, including one from Australia where the current virus might hit too close to home!

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In tonight’s episode: We welcome Ohio geocacher 'onaboat' on the show to discuss Adventure Labs. Chad has done one, 'onaboat' as done many, and Scott & Jessie recently got one! Let's all learn how to do them, together. Listeners call in with tips, & Bryan Roth calls into the hotline to answer our Patron's questions!

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In tonight’s episode: We once again bring the fan favorite contest back. This month? Animal encounters! Whether it be a mammal, reptilian or amphibian, if you've had an encounter geocaching with one of these, give us a call & let's hear it! You might win!

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