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This week we discuss your first Wherigo. How did you hear about them? How did it work out for you? We all want to hear about it! Give us a call and share your first Wherigo story!

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This week we bring on Sandi, the owner of our long time sponsor MacSuds Body Company on to talk all about her company. Her products are fantastic! Join us live and call in to ask her your product questions.

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This week we talk Geocaching Karma. Do you know what it is? Do you know yours? Do you agree with it? Listen in and find all this out! Better yet, call in and let's discuss it!

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This week we bring on an ambassador of the popular trip planning tool Cachetour. Planning a trip? You need this tool! 

WARNING: This is a highly visual show. You may want to watch this show on YouTube to understand whats going on.

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This week it’s monthly Cacher Coffee time! Basically, any geocaching related topic is on the table to talk about. Give us a call and talk bout anything you want geocaching related!

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