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This week, Joshua joins us for the annual Thanksgiving show! What are you thankful for this year? Call in an share it with us! Every caller gets put into a hat to win a fantastic prize courtesy of the Geocaching Vlogger! It's always a good time when Joshua stops in, so be sure to join us!

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This week, for the final 1UpMe contest for the year we bring out a good one. Recommended from a listener, its the best non Geocaching related explanation to why you are in a location looking for a Geocache when asked by a muggle what are you doing. It can be totally made up. So, What's your funniest/best excuse?

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This week we talk geocaching usernames. It's one of the first things we do as a geocacher. It becomes who we are in our community. How did you pick yours? Let's discuss.

Warning: Some naughty words are used (and they're actual caching names!)

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This week it’s monthly Cacher Coffee time! Basically, any geocaching related topic is on the table to talk about. Give us a call and talk bout anything you want geocaching related!

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