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With Mega season starting up soon, this week we have a discussion about Mega experiences. What were some of your best experiences? How about your worst? Let's share them all here!

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This week we focus on the beginner Cachers and dive into trackables. Mainly, what we think are the 5 things that newbies are never told about trackables. So join us and learn something!!

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This week we discuss the Geocaching deadly sin; Cache owner faux pas! There are a lot of things to NOT do being a cache owner. We discuss some of them. Call in and share your opinion!

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This week it's monthly Cacher Coffee time! Basically, any geocaching related topic is on the table to talk about. Give us a call and talk bout anything you want geocaching related!

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This week on the show we bring Geocaching President Bryan Roth back on the show to talk about geocaching. With the year that we had and all that's happening today, let's get a checkup on how things are going at HQ

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