Geocaching Podcast

This week on the show we are discussing app we use to cache. Not just the main ones, but the secondary ones as well. Tune in and you just might find your new favorite caching app! Have one you think people need to hear about? Call in and share!

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This week we bring back a listener favorite! Yep, the 1UpMe contest is back! This week? Earthcaches! Give us a call and tell us about the best earthcache you've hid or found. Every caller wins a prize. Call in and share your earthcache stories!

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This week we discuss The geocaching addiction. Are you addicted? Call in and share how you know you're addicted to geocaching. We're gonna share ours!

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This week we discuss travel bug hotels. Not just any ones, AMAZING Travel Bug Hotels! The kinds that make you grab your camera, or laugh out out. You know the ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. Call in and share yours!

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This week it’s monthly Cacher Coffee time! Basically, any geocaching related topic is on the table to talk about. Give us a call and talk bout anything you want geocaching related!

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