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This week we bring back a listener favorite! Yep, the 1UpMe contest is back! This week? Earthcaches! Give us a call and tell us about the best earthcache you've hid or found. Every caller wins a prize. Call in and share your earthcache stories!

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This week we discuss The geocaching addiction. Are you addicted? Call in and share how you know you're addicted to geocaching. We're gonna share ours!

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This week we discuss travel bug hotels. Not just any ones, AMAZING Travel Bug Hotels! The kinds that make you grab your camera, or laugh out out. You know the ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. Call in and share yours!

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This week it’s monthly Cacher Coffee time! Basically, any geocaching related topic is on the table to talk about. Give us a call and talk bout anything you want geocaching related!

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This week we bring back the listener favorite 1UpMe Contest! You may have done a ton of virtual, but have you done a bunch of good virtuals? Or better yet, own a really good one? Call in and share your experiences and you may just win!

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This week we discuss the safe ways to caching islands during the snowy icy winters. Water crossings, hazards, its all discussed. Call in and share your best tips!

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This week we're talking events. Not just any events, unique caching events. Those events with just that little extra to make them a little more awesome! Call in and share your experiences and just maybe we can spur new ideas to make events better from now on!

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This week we welcome back Reviewer Smith of Illinois to the show to talk about all things Reviewers.  We talk COVID, we talk rules, we talk hides.

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This week we talk Challenge Caches. Specifically, really cool challenge caches. There are a ton of them out there, call in and share your favorite!

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This week Geoff May off Cache the Line fame joins the gang as we discuss playing your own way. What does it mean? Can you do in in todays game? Give us a call and let's discuss!

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